What’s Happening

Polar Xpress

Ashland Railway has worked with the Shelby Area Business Group since 2013 to provide a “Polar Xpress” train for their annual “Moments of Christmas Magic” event which kicks off the Holiday season each year! This festive community event begins with a “character” parade and local shopkeepers open their doors, offering free activities and refreshments. A Reindeer petting zoo along with many other fun filled happenings provide free entertainment for all. Ashland Railway proudly makes the trip from Mansfield to Shelby with our magical Polar Xpress train at 4PM. Our decorated locomotive, boxcar and caboose carry Santa, Mrs. Claus, joyful elves and our Polar Xpress Conductor to the cheering families. After the Conductor reads the famous Polar Xpress story to all, treats are given to the children who also have the opportunity to talk with Santa to share their holiday wish lists. This event is very well attended and is a great way for Ashland Railway to contribute to the community and support local businesses.

Jake Award

Recipient of the ASLRRA’s (American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association) Jake Award for Safety.

2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.