What’s Happening

Simulated Hazardous Materials Response Exercise

Ashland Railway recently participated in a simulated hazardous materials response exercise coordinated by our local Emergency Management Agency. Representatives from Richland County EMA, Mansfield Fire, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Mansfield Prison, Ohio Health Hospital, Avita Hospital, the County Health Department, and the Red Cross were all present and participated in the simulation. The exercise was held in a conference room at the Longview Center and was completed over the course of one afternoon.

The simulated exercise began with a train carrying hazardous materials arriving in Mansfield. The train was traveling past the prison when a truck approaching the rail crossing on Reformatory Road lost its brakes and struck the moving train. The train derailed as a result of the vehicle strike causing two railcars containing Phosphine gas to breach and release their contents. Ashland Railway provided a simulated train consist, waybills, and emergency response paperwork to the group to use as the exercise unfolded. We discussed our responsibilities in the safe transport of hazardous materials and our role from initial recognition, response, to coordinating with the assigned incident commander. The exercise moved into the emergency response phase covering public safety evacuation plans, medical attention for victims, managing affected populations of the prison, and hazardous material containment and decontamination.

ORDC Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Mansfield Yard Expansion Project was completed in 2021, which increased Ashland Railway’s rail yard capacity and improved safety on the Willard Line.

Once again, we thank the ORDC for their support enabling us to improve our rail infrastructure so that we can continue to provide outstanding service to our customers.


2019 Nominee for the Small Business of the Year Award from the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development

Recipient of the ASLRRA’s (American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association) Jake Award for Safety – 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018.